Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Festival 2011 is a "Go"!!

Once again, we will be returning to the equatorial air of West Africa to attend the Ghana Paragliding Festival, This annual event, which is sponsored by the Ghanaian government and Ministry of Tourism, is held at Easter. With its popularity growing every year, the festival has now become an integral part of the Easter holiday celebration in Ghana.

The primary purpose of our attendance is to give tandem paragliding flights during the festival. This year we hope to give even more. As attendees of the festival we are soliciting charitable donations to assist the children of the area where the event is held. Last year a $3000 grant from the Cloudbase Foundation was used to help the local orphanage with their drinking water supply. This year we are raising funds in direct association with the Cloudbase Foundation, an American registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Cloudbase Foundation was founded by hang gliding and paragliding pilots, wanting to help disadvantaged children, specifically the children that live in the areas where we go to fly. It’s a small gesture but a valuable one.

Please assist us with your support. Even a small amount of money goes a long way in the underprivileged countries of Africa. One time (and monthly) donations to the Cloudbase Foundation can be made through their website: When donating, in the “notes” area, please write “Ghana-Fly Sun Valley”. This insures that 100% of your donation goes to this specific program and also helps us catalog the pilots that are soliciting the donations. You will also receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Contact me with any questions...Cheers, Chuck

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