Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Festival...

We do not have any definite information from the GTA as yet, concerning the 2015 Ghana Paragliding Festival. We will post information here and on the official festival Facebook page as soon as we know more details. If the festival is to occur, the dates will most likely be April 3-6.  Meanwhile, go to the following link to see images from the festival we coordinated in the Volta Region, this past Christmas.  K)tini Resort and Paragliding Festival


tekena koko said...


Can it be confirmed that the the paragliding festival will take place from the 3rd - 6th of April?

For someone who wants a paragliding experience during the festival, what needs to be done and how much would it cost?

Is there anyone I can contact for further details?

Chuck said...

Hi, Yes, the festival will occur on those dates. Most bookings for flights occur at the launch site during the days of the festival. But, expect it can be a long wait. For advance bookings, contact the Ghana Tourist Authority. The GTA is responsible for all flight reservations, etc. Hope to see you there. Cheers!